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Tribal Tattoos For Men | Tribal Tattoos Gallery

Tribal Tattoos For Men

Tribal Tattoos For Men – Where You Should Ink Them

It is commonly acknowledged that there is something mystical and seductive about tribal tattoos for men. There is some kind of leadership and power energy projection in a man who has a tribal tattoo on one of his body parts.

You perhaps want to experience this feeling too. If so, read below for tribal tattoos for men body part ideas.

Your shoulder

If you want to express your masculinity in bed but want to be discreet at work, then your shoulder is the perfect body part to have a tattoo. Tribal tattoos for men look really good in that area and look even better if you have developed deltoid muscles.

And if you ever feel like expressing your sex appeal during the day, all you have to do is wear a sleeveless. Trust me, the ladies WILL notice. And from personal experience, they are very curious about whether you have a tattoo on another body part Yeah, perfect opportunity.

Arm tattoos

The tattoo designs available for this body part are for more “expressive guys”. These can be inked on the upper of the arm only (biceps/triceps) or can extend to the forearm too. One guy’s arm tattoo I personally find freaking awesome is Randy Orton’s, a WWE wrestler.

The tribal tattoos for men are accentuated by your muscle definitions, even if you don’t have particularly large muscle groups.

Again, these are basically for guys who want to scream “I HAVE A TATTOO!” without actually saying it.

Leg tattoo designs

You may tend to think that this looks feminine. But again, we’re talking about tribal tattoos for men. And these tribal tattoos on the calves kick ass. It’s hard to explain, but your calves get that sharp look. It’s like a warning saying “Don’t mess with me!”.

Similarly to the shoulder tattoo, you can choose to express your masculinity whenever you wish to. Feel formal? No one will see that you have a tattoo since it’s hidden by your trousers. Want to show off what you have? Wear shorts!

It’s also more uncommon than having a tattoo somewhere else, so you may very well turn more heads with the tattoo on your calf than the guy with one on his arm, provided you have the right design.

Of course, tribal tattoos for men can be inked into many more body areas, but I really wanted to emphasize on these 3 due to their popularity and curiosity.

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